About The Knowledge Point

Most people know about freelance academic writing. Being a freelance academic writer is certainly a superb source of part-time or full-time employment.
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About freelance academic writing

While being a freelance academic writer seems stress-free, many potential and experienced writers sometimes overlook the difficulties associated with securing the first gig or a consistent flow of well-paying writing jobs that makes it possible to establish oneself firmly in the industry.

The KnowledgePoint understands that writers need a consistent flow of orders to make a decent living, and we provide exactly that.We offer freelance writing jobs to capable and gifted individuals who demonstrate the requisite academic knowledge and aptitude to meet the diverse needs of our wide customer base.

Our writers are accorded the opportunity to improve their academic knowledge and proficiency while putting into practice their expertise in academic fields of their choice.

We are always looking for individuals who can author different kinds of academic papers – from essays and term papers to research papers and dissertations, among others – on a freelance basis. Being part of our team of freelance writers requires the candidate to possess certain skills, which include a grasp of the various citation styles, a thorough knowledge of one’s field of specialization, first-rate research and analytical skills, the capacity to select relevant and up-to-date resources, and the ability to articulate ideas skillfully and coherently. Most importantly, the writer should fluent in the English language and possess the ability to manage their workload with minimal external intervention.

How it Works!

The KnowledgePoint is an academic and technical assistance company that provides help to clients looking for professional technical and academic writing services. The company was founded in 2013 and has since grown into an extensive enterprise. We care for our writers while also aspiring for excellence and mutually rewarding experiences. These make us one of the best and trustworthy employers in the industry.

Complete the registration form by filling in valid personal and contact information. This will enable us to contact you in the event of any questions concerning your ongoing writing tasks.

You will be required to pass a timed essay on a selected topic. After submitting the essay, we will assess your application and communicate our decision regarding our cooperation.

Your profile will be activated upon passing the test, which marks the beginning of our cooperation. This means you can start picking orders that you deem to be within your expertise and skill level. Our customers post diverse writing projects every day, and you will certainly find those that are consistent with your knowledge area. The support team is always on hand to assist if you have any questions.